I’m An “Astrology Enthusiast” Now Because I’m Cool™

Lately, I’ve been really into astrology. I’ve followed an insane amount of zodiac themed Instagram pages and tumblr blogs and that’s basically all that keeps me busy nowadays. It’s to the point where I am now the type of person that, if I don’t like you or if you hurt me in any way, I’ll probably roast your sign unless it’s my own because I’m extra. The only reason I won’t roast your sign is if someone I love shares that sign with you because I refuse to see parallels between those I love and those I hate with a burning passion. Even then, I’ll probably find a way to roast you based on your astrological placements because I’m Petty™. Long story short, if you get on my bad side, make sure I know nothing about your birth chart.

That being said, that’s not what this post is about. Because of my newfound interest in astrology, I decided to do a shit ton of research and I even did my entire birth chart. I don’t really know why I found this so interesting but I did.

Screenshot of my birth chart that I cropped (taken from astro-charts.com)

Because I have nothing better to do, I thought it would be pretty cool to analyze certain aspects of my birth chart according to tumblr because that’s where I get all my astrology based information anyway. Before I go on a tangent about my own birth chart though, I will explain what some of these terms mean just for anyone who doesn’t know.

Sun: This is basically your overall basic personality. It’s what everyone sees and knows you as. It is usually the only sign that everyone really knows and can easily be found out using your birthday. (ex: I am a Capricorn because my birthday is January 8th. “Capricorn season” is from December 22 to January 19)

Moon: This has more to do with your emotions. It’s how you express your sensitivity and is more of a private aspect of your personality that not everyone sees.

Venus: Your relationships and how you relate to others in social situations; It is how you show affection and charm.

Ascendant: Also known as the “rising sign” and the 1st house; the first impression you leave on others, how you approach certain situations initially, and your outlook on life itself

2nd House: Self esteem, values, morals, ect.

3rd House: Your ability to observe and analyze your surroundings and other people; Your way of thinking/ thinking skills

4th House: Also known as ‘Imum Coeli’ (meaning “bottom of the sky” in Latin); Where you feel more comfortable

5th House: Your self expression; Romance; Attitude toward children; Creativity

6th House: How you serve others in a professional environment; Organization; Everyday routine

Descendant: Also known as the 7th house; One on one partnerships; Characteristics you seek in others

8th House: Intimacy; How you let go of certain parts of yourself and restore yourself

9th House: Enlightenment; “The big picture”

10th House: Also known as ‘Medium Coeli’ (meaning “middle of the sky” in Latin) or ‘Midheaven’; Your goals; Who you aspire to be; How the general public views you

11th House: Philanthropy; Ideals you live by

12th House: Secret motives; Secret agendas; Hidden knowledge, spirituality, personality

I missed a few terms just to save space (and time) but I found this information from the Instagram page, @astrologystuff, in case you want to look at any of the other terms and definitions. The posts with this info can be found herehereherehere, and here.

Now that all that’s out of the way, lets take a look at my birth chart and analyze certain aspects of it. I was able to do my birth chart here. I am not going to bore with every little detail of my birth chart, especially since I don’t wanna give too much away but I will give you some basic information.

Capricorn Sun

I’m flattered! (screenshot from tumblr)

Capricorn is known to be a very strategic sign. We are the planners and strategists of the zodiac. We are known to be very goal-oriented and will pretty much stop at nothing to reach said goal until it doesn’t interest us anymore which, even then, most of the time, we don’t really become uninterested in our goals. Most people see us as very serious people and we can often come off as “boring” or “dull” when in reality, we’re just a bit reserved in nature and cautious of our actions. We’re actually quite a “misunderstood” sign because we are so reserved and we tend not to put ourselves out there, at least not completely.

I can honestly say that the full description for Capricorn fits me pretty well with the exception of a few traits. I would say that I’m ambitious and driven to do things even if it seems I lack motivation. I always, somehow, find a way to get things done even if it isn’t the best job. I’m not as organized as most Capricorns but I sure do love lists and eating skittles by color.

Scorpio Moon

People with a Scorpio moon are often times very intuitive and feel emotion very intensely. We tend to have trust issues because we can easily see through people. This makes us very guarded people and can make us seem less compassionate than we really are. We can easily sense insincerity which makes it harder for us to truly get closer to people.

For me, I think this is very true… sometimes. I am somewhat guarded but I also tend to trust certain people too easily. I am also highly intuitive but I’m also super pessimistic and I sort of always find reasons to doubt myself so I don’t normally go with my gut feeling. Instead, I do the complete opposite of what I think because of this. I try to ignore certain problems and I rarely listen to myself and of course, nothing goes right because of this. I can sense things, I just can’t accept them as they are.

Gemini Rising

Screenshot taken from Instagram

Gemini rising signs are very curious and often tend to pester everyone with all their questions about pretty much everything. We are restless and extremely impatient people. Us Gemini ascendants are also super analytical and we always try to make sense of everything. There are two sides to us too. We can either be very bubbly and energetic or laid back and intellectual.

I honestly do fit with this sign because I am very analytical and I question almost everything. If you’ve ever spent some “good ‘ol quality time” with me, you’d know. I am always questioning everything and sometimes, I tend to answer my own questions because I overanalyze many things. As for the “two sides,” I also think that fits me very well. Depending on who I’m with, I can be energetic and bubbly or laid back and “intellectual.”

Cancer in 2nd House

People with Cancer in the second house value their loved ones over pretty much everything. We feel the need to be accepted by them and we base our worth off of their acceptance which can be extremely problematic for obvious reasons. We are emotional people and we base many of our actions on emotion (unless other chart aspects say otherwise).

I would say this is also very true for me because I am easily put down and it is especially hurtful to me when it is by those I love and care about. Basically, I am a fragile, smol bean and I need to be fed sweets and hugged.

Leo in 3rd House

We are very expressive, creative, and entertaining people. People who have Leo in the third house can also be stubborn and we tend not to open up to everyone else’s opinions. Again, this is also very fitting for me although I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “creative” or “entertaining” but to each their own, I suppose.

Virgo in 4th House

People with Virgo in the fourth house need structure in their home and feel most comfortable in an organized space free of chaos and messes. We can be perfectionists when it comes to comfort. If something isn’t 100% perfect, we aren’t comfortable. This is somewhat true for me although I don’t feel like explaining why.

I guess that’s it for this post. Goodbye and don’t be an asshole. Also, I’m sorry this was so half assed. I don’t really have an excuse to be honest.



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