About Me


Hello, fellow… humans? I’m not really sure what to put here so here are random facts about me that you probably shouldn’t care about and will likely forget within an hour.

  • My birthday is January 8
  • My favorite color is blue
  • I get grounded frequently because I do a lot of dumb things
  • I once stuck my middle finger up at my dad when I tried to say bye to him when he dropped me off at school in 8th grade… I didn’t mean to, it just happened
  • I was born on a military base in Georgia (Fort Stewart whoop whoop)
  • I used to be emo trash but then I started caring about the environment (for like, two weeks) and suddenly, I upgraded to an emo recycling bin
  • I’m not funny
  • I barely ever leave my house for anything other than school and food because I’m too antisocial for the outside world
  • I’m learning Japanese and my goal by the time I reach the end of high school is to become nihonGOALS
  • I enjoy puns and if you ever befriend me, I will tell you some of the worst and laugh hysterically at all of them
  • I write a lot of poetry but I never show anyone because it all sucks
  • I write a lot of stories but I never finish them because I’m lazy
  • I have a cat who I hate but at the same time, love to cuddle. We have an odd relationship…
  • Monster is better than Red Bull
  • I hate coffee
  • I hate my name but my parents thought it was a good idea anyway for some odd reason
  • I read cereal boxes for fun when I’m bored
  • I stress clean
  • I also stress eat
  • The most exercise I’ve gotten in a while was pacing back and forth in my room for about 2 hours contemplating the meaning of life
  • I have a tumblr so if you ever want to talk to me for whatever reason, you can contact meĀ here

I guess I’ll leave you with that because I’m not really an interesting person. I think it’s best just to read my blog for more insight on my personality because I’m way too awkward for this “about me” thingy. Actually, I’m way too awkward for life itself. What even is socialization? I don’t know, I just sit around in my pajamas all day eating Doritos and praying for My Chemical Romance to get back together.

Wow, I suck. Bye dudes. Please give my blog a chance, it’s better than this trashcan, I swear.